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Your relationship has just ended and that deserves to be observed.While breaking up certainly doesn’t mean your relationship was a failure, you are facing an ending and those tend to be sad. This is all completely true.)Last year, when C and I broke off a year-plus relationship that we thought could lead to a marriage, we tried a friendship that worked for a while--at least for me; he was having a really hard time, but for my sake, tried to grin and bear it--until he got a new girlfriend, and I had a hard time accepting it. (If you haven't caught the news lately, New York City is currently overcome by a gross invasion of sunflowers; the boroughs are covered in stalks nine-feet high, and we can barely navigate the streets.(And that takes the award for understatement of the century.My mom, J, whom I'd already started seeing, and my therapist were all there to help me through it, and I owe them the world for it.) We stopped talking. Up to the point where I told C that I couldn't see him any longer, we were still spending four or five days a week together--unhealthy, and still acting like we were together, I know, DON' T--and he was still the lynchpin of my social life.

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If your boyfriend was also your best friend, you not only have to deal with the loss of your guy, but that your entire social and emotional life structure has been uprooted, too.Going through life alone is possible in theory, but in practice, it's only the sociopaths capable of living such secluded lives. Just keep in mind that close and meaningful relationships take significant time to build.Everybody else, we need other people in our lives to feel happy. Your relationship doesn't necessarily need to be a romantic one, but let's be honest; we want to have our cake and eat it.We don't just want a friend to share our lives with; we want a lover, a partner.We want a best friend who will elicit a strong romantic and sexual response.It allows for greatness, but it also allows for insignificance.