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His run for president was amusing at first but is now frightening!I’m just hoping people come to their senses in time.Weirdly, this giant-sized raptor lived 50 million years before its more famous descendants, which were considerably smaller (but a lot faster).We'll never know if Tyrannosaurus Rex was particularly fiercer or scarier than other, less- popular tyrannosaurs like Albertosaurus or Alioramus—or even whether it hunted live prey or spent most of its time feasting on already-dead carcasses. Rex was a fully functional killing machine when circumstances demanded, considering its five- to eight-ton bulk, sharp eyesight, and huge head studded with numerous, sharp teeth.// Great Imaginations // Hello, Chelly // Into The Hall of Books // Novel Sounds // Paper Riot // Pop!What rap song do you see as truly the most gangster? Personally, I know it’s not the most popular, but Poppin' Them Thangs by G-Unit is number one for me. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump running for president?

And, of course, those legions upon legions of fraternity brothers, who in the throes of sheer exaltation crushed shanty towns worth of beverage cans on their collective forehead every time The Gladiator took the screen. And I'm not going to kid myself; it may be some time before I'm whole again. But in the meantime, I find solace in the gladiator spirit that continues to permeate the sport he so valiantly represented for so long. But really what I'm talking about are the entrance songs. I suspect The Gladiator would have wanted it that way. Nothing else better embodies The Spirit of the Gladiator.

(You have to admit, though, that its tiny arms lent it a slightly comical appearance.) You might not expect to encounter a small-headed, small-brained plant eater like Stegosaurus on a list of the world's deadliest dinosaurs—but focus your attention on the other side of this herbivore's body, and you'll see a dangerously spiked tail that could easily bash in the skull of a hungry Allosaurus (see slide #9). ) In roughly the same weight class as Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex, the northern African Spinosaurus was blessed with an additional evolutionary advantage: it's the world's first identified swimming dinosaur.

This thagomizer (so named after a famous cartoon) helped to compensate for Stegosaurus' lack of intelligence and speed; one can easily imagine a cornered adult flopping down on the ground and swinging its tail wildly in all directions. This ten-ton predator spent its days in and around rivers, pinning fish between its massive, crocodile-like jaws and occasionally surfacing like a shark to terrorize smaller, landbound dinosaurs.

Spinosaurus may even have tangled occasionally with the comparably sized crocodile Sarcosuchus, aka the Super Croc, surely one of the epic matchups of the middle Cretaceous period; read more in Spinosaurus vs. Majungasaurus, once known as Majungatholus, has been dubbed the cannibal dinosaur by the press, and even though this may be overstating the case, that doesn't mean this carnivore's reputation is entirely unearned.

The discovery of ancient Majungasaurus bones bearing equally ancient Majungasaurus tooth marks is a good indication that these one-ton theropods preyed on others of their kind (certainly when they were very hungry, and possibly after they were already dead), though this predator spent most of its time terrifying the smaller, quivering plant-eating dinosaurs of late Cretaceous Africa.