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Updating bashrc

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Re "I usually just put the things that I'd normally put in ~/.bashrc to ~/.profile": For maximum compatibility I recommend you follow Chris Johnsen's advice and place anything that you want to apply to non-login shells in ~/.bashrc and add "source ~/.bashrc" to your ~/.bash_profile to run it for login shells.Otherwise, it won't work for sub-shells, or if Terminal changes to create non-login shells, or if you ever use xterm or another terminal program that create non-login shells by default, or if you might want to use the same setup on another OS.After shutting an open Terminal window down & then restarting it, one can then test out their alias(s).Or for a quicker way, after having modified the ~/.bashrc run the following command: To reload the configuration file.

when you are running a script ) and will quit without executing your definitions ( that's what sourcing a file does - it "executes" the definitions ).file, is there some refresh command to be able immediately use the new aliases or functions without closing the terminal (in my case xfce4-terminal with a few tabs open, many files open and in the middle of the work)?"you will have to run this in every instance." - Note that zsh users can set TMOUT and TRAPALRM appropriately to stat and (if necessary) re-source ~/.zshrc once per second, or at any other reasonable the end (to be searched after all other directories, in case there is a program by the same name in multiple directories) or at the beginning (to be searched before all other directories). gets built in a by many different components, you might end up with duplicate entries.See How to add home directory path to be discovered by Unix which command?And because any programs you run from a bash prompt are called by bash, the new path is in force for anything you run from the bash prompt.